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About us

About Us

Almost five years ago, when I was expecting my first baby, my mother-in-law gave me the baby journal she made for my husband. As I was looking for the perfect baby journal for my baby, I often went back to that baby book my mother-in-law gave me. It was simple, it had pictures attached, but most importantly it included lots of fun, heartwarming experiences she had during her journey as a new mother.
I couldn't find anything that resembled that, so I never got one. I became satisfied with the idea of just writing in my computer and saving all those pictures, and experiences for when the time came and I got myself a book.
Discouraged with my findings, I decided it was time to create that perfect book I never found. I wanted a book that allowed me to fill out prompt questions related to each stage, but also gave me lots of room to write down my own experiences that were unique to me, my family, and my baby. I wanted to be able to add pictures, various sizes, and numbers. I wanted it to be modern, simple, and timeless, but most importantly I wanted to be able to finish it! Motherhood is time-consuming, and I didn't want to be stuck with hours and hours of writing, filling out charts, and leaving empty questions because they didn't apply to me.
My oldest son Diego is almost five and thanks to Coco Coos I finally have that baby book I dreamed of having.
Thanks for letting me share my history, and for making Coco Coos part of yours.
xoxo, Liz