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My son just turned 5 a few months ago, and I am still in denial that he is this big already. Someone once told me: "if you what to know how fast time flies just notice it in a child" Don’t get me wrong. As a mother, the sleepless nights, the tiring first months with a newborn can seem eternal, but the truth is everything happens so quickly. 

Our memories fade with the passage of time which is why it’s so important to take time and record our memories; for them, for us. Our minds are amazing and can surprise us with the amount of detail we can remember from very specific situations but because our minds are so selective, many other details fade, and as time goes by we forget feelings and impressions.

 Our Story 

When my son was born, I couldn’t find the perfect method or baby memory book to use to write down my own memories. I still wanted to be able to write it down while the details were still fresh in my mind. I pulled out my computer and started writing my thoughts, questions, impressions, everything that was so new and exciting about this new journey of motherhood. I started saving them, hoping I would find my ideal way of displaying all those wonderful memories.

 This is how Coco Coos Modern Baby Book was born. In my mind, no amount of technology could replace the beauty of holding something in my hands, handwritten, full of beautiful memories and pictures. Something tangible that my family and I could enjoy often.

One day, I started designing this baby book, little by little adding the things I thought important, and leaving behind the unnecessary, the fluff. I wanted a book that allowed me to fill out prompt questions related to each stage, but also gave me lots of room to write down my own experiences that were unique to me, my family, and my baby. I wanted to be able to add pictures, various sizes, and numbers. I wanted it to be modern, simple, and timeless, but most importantly I wanted to be able to finish it!

 What to do Now!

In my case, I have homework to do, my kids are now a little bit older, but because of my simple record keeping I can now organize everything and put it together to make them the beautiful baby book I once dreamed. If your kids are a little older, and you wished you had started recording their baby life, it is not too late. In Coco Coos you will find an easy-to-use book, one that will not make you regret not recording when their tooth came in, or what was the price of a diaper when they were born. There is plenty of space to add what you consider important, but you will never feel pressured for not knowing certain details.  

My advice would be whatever method you decide to use, start today. Don’t let the details fade. If you are having a hard time asking yourself questions, what do you wished you knew about the time when you were born. What was it like for your parents, what were their hopes and dreams for you. Don’t be afraid of how those feelings come out, you can always edit and embellish what you write later.

Ask other people to share their perspective too, ask people whom you are surrounded with and are seeing you unfold as a parent. We can be harsh judges on ourselves, and it’s good to get other points of view of the beautiful chaotic sight of becoming new parents. Don’t delay your record keeping, it will mean so much for your kids when they get older, it will build a stronger connection between you and them, and it will even help them recognize their own identity, where they came from and the circumstances. Start small but start today.


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