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Finding time to record memories


No one ever regrets finding an old note, a memorable picture and reliving precious moments that otherwise would be forgotten. But how do we do that when we are constantly on the go, and time seems to go by faster and faster? How do we juggle all aspects of our lives and be ever more present to enjoy the little moments?

Memories are made up of everyday moments. Sometimes it’s hard to make everyday moments seem extraordinary. Look beyond the usual routine, there is beauty in the ordinary, and every day presents itself with new opportunities for growth and learning experiences, only when we relive the memorable things that happen in our past we realize how wonderful our present is. Today will be tomorrow's past and sometimes as the saying goes, we don't truly appreciate a moment until its already gone. 

1. Take some time at the end of each day, sit down and write something small about memorable things that might have happened that day. Write it on a piece of paper or pull out your computer. Our memories start to vanish from our minds as time goes forward. Take advantage of having things fresh in your mind after each day. Make it a common practice throughout your life.

2. Take lots of pictures: one of the great tools of our modern era is the accessibility of a camera or a recording device through our phones. Pull it out, and save important moments for the future. It often takes just a few seconds but the rewards of having done it surpasses the passage of time.

3. Interview your loved ones including your children (it’s fun to go back and laugh about their responses), ask questions, relive moments together. This will help you develop a stronger sense of connection with those around us.

4. Focus on the most important things The time we set aside more often than not is very short, focus on what matters. If you have a newborn, don't worry about writing down charts and measurements but focus on your daily interactions, how you see their personality flourish and how you are learning to be a parent each day for him or her. 

If finding time to journal every day is not realistic in your life, don’t be overwhelmed, as much as its important to capture details make sure you soak up every moment and are present to enjoy them. 

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