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Christmas Bucket List - Free Printable


December is here which means Christmas is just around the corner. December is always a busy month, lots of preparation and anticipation to that big day where Santa comes and we get together with family, but it's also a month full of traditions and fun things to do. 

I remember when I was a little girl how much I loved doing fun things with my family especially for Christmas. Some of my favorites we always looking at the huge Christmas trees all lit up around the city, watching choirs perform carols, rehearsing our famous school recital which was always a big deal at our school and finding a cute outfit for our Nochebuena dinner.

This year we live in a new country, a new city, and there are lots of new things to try this Christmas. There is no snow this year kind of a bummer because we won't be able to make a snowman, but it will give us the chance to try a warm Christmas break at the beach which is now so much closer. My Caribbean blood really likes that! I miss the beach so much! 

Anyways, back to this....I have put a together a Christmas Bucket list printable for you! You don't have to break the bank to do fun things during the holiday season with your family. There are lots of really fun, free or very inexpensive options that will for sure help you make wonderful memories with your loved ones. I have rounded up a few for you, including some of my family and I's favorite activities. 

Inside our books, you can find room to add photos of some of your favorite memories with you and your child. 

Our Story 

 When my son was born, I couldn’t find the perfect method or book to use to write down my own memories. I still wanted to be able to write it down while the details were still fresh in my mind. I pulled out my computer and started writing my thoughts, questions, impressions, everything that was so new and exciting about this new journey of motherhood. I started saving them, hoping I would find my ideal way of displaying all those wonderful memories.

 This is how Coco Coos was born. In my mind, no amount of technology could replace the beauty of holding something in my hands, handwritten, full of beautiful memories and pictures. Something tangible that my family and I could enjoy often.

One day, I started designing this baby book, little by little adding the things I thought important, and leaving behind the unnecessary, the fluff. I wanted a book that allowed me to fill out prompt questions related to each stage, but also gave me lots of room to write down my own experiences that were unique to me, my family, and my baby. I wanted to be able to add pictures, various sizes, and numbers. I wanted it to be modern, simple, and timeless, but most importantly I wanted to be able to finish it!

What are your favorite Christmas activities to do you with your family or friends? 

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