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3 Reasons to choose Coco Coos for your baby memory keeping

 You just had a baby, and you are so excited to start writing about this incredible journey, except you don’t know where to start. Coco Coos started as a result of trying to find the best memory book that could balance the busy demands of parenthood with journal writing. 

Easy to fill out! Each book section contains meaningful prompts that capture special feelings along with journal pages designed to document experiences that are unique to you and your baby. There is freedom to add as much or as little detail as you see fit.  

No lengthy charts. Have you ever wondered what your grown-up baby will enjoy the most when reading his baby book? certainly not the charts, but your thoughts and feelings along with the pictures that you put. With our books, you don’t need to feel like a forgetful parent for not remembering or not keeping track of lots of details. Instead, focus on the most important details, what new things your baby did today, and how are you learning along with him or her growth.

Photo pages for a creative layout. The funnest part of any journal is to able to include lots of pictures along with those precious words you write. In our books, you can add multiple numbers and sizes of pictures to go along with your memories. Find two-page photo spreads of special events in the life of your baby. Birthday, a close up of that tiny but perfect body, Baby’s firsts, among others. There is room for plenty of creativity! 

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