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Elegant, minimal, timeless design

For many years to come

The box as a memory keeper

A place to hold other tangible treasures

Record beautiful, simple moments

Tailored to you and your baby

Meaningful prompt questions, and plenty of room to write unique experiences 

No lengthy charts to fill

Include what your child will value the most in the future. Its up to you! 

Photo Pages for a creative layout

Add multiple numbers and sizes of photos to create a one of a kind display. 


Its not a lie that raising a baby takes up all of our time, but it all goes by too quickly.  Milestones and special accomplishments in your baby's life happen right before our eyes.  Record beautiful, simple moments with CocoCoos



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Customer's reviews

I absolutely adore this baby book! It is so beautiful. I love it’s timeless, gender neutral design. There are so many places for cherished photos and memories. Would make a wonderful, unique gift that any mom would love to receive!


With my busy schedule this book is the perfect way record my treasured moments. And it is gorgeous! I love the layout, design, and prompts. Other baby books prompt you to record details that don’t really matter. The prompts in this book spark entries of emotions as I want to relive forever. Definitely ordering for my friends! Thank you!


User friendly, minimalistic yet stylish! LOVE this book! Anyone can use it to document the special moments of their babies! The colors are gender neutral and the patterns are gorgeous! The box is very stylish and it is perfect to keepsakes. High quality product.


It’s very well made and very pretty! I love it!


One of my best friends gave me this as a present. I love it, it is so cute and well design. The quality of the book and the box is amazing. I am definitely giving this to my next pregnant friend! :)


Loved the simplicity and elegance of the book. Its beautiful and the box it comes with is icing on the cake. i can't wait to start spring some memories in the book and box.